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Apartment Judgments

Has someone told you that you have a judgment from an apartment community on your credit? Or, do you know you have a judgment because you have seen a copy of your credit report yourself? In either case, a judgment from an apartment community is not good when comes time to searching for another apartment.

So, how do you get a judgment from an apartment community? It is really pretty simple. When you sign a lease at an apartment community you are entering into a legal binding contract that is enforceable in the State of Arizona. Therefore, it is your obligation to follow all the terms of the contract to avoid the legal system. When you get a judgment from an apartment community on your credit, that means the apartment community took you to Justice Court and the court ordered that you must now pay because the terms of your lease were not fulfilled.

Many people state that they did not go to court and therefore do not know how they would have a judgment on their credit. Well, unfortunately, the apartment management team did make you aware by serving you with papers but you may not have received them or chose not to attend the hearing. Therefore, the court ordered a judgment and now you must pay it in order to satisfy the debt. Make sure you get a receipt when this occurs so that you can get it removed from your credit report.

Apartment Judgment Versus A Collection from an Apartment

Collection from an apartment

Signing a lease at an apartment community is much like purchasing a home but without the ownership factor. A lease is a legal document that sets out terms and gives a tenant a leasehold interest in real property. When those terms are not met then the apartment owner has a right to be compensated if they are out financially because the terms were not met.

If an apartment owner wants to take you to court then they must serve you with a documents notifying you that they are going to court. But, they can just as easily calculate what is owed to them and turn it over to a collection agency. When this occurs then it will show that you owe an apartment community money on your credit report and it will show the original creditor’s name (the apartment community) along with the collection agency’s name. From here on out, the collection agency will tack on their fees and interest, and the amount will only get bigger as long as it remains unsatisfied. You must negotiate with the collection agency or the apartment management to settle this debt.

Both a judgment or a collection will not look good to other landlords so be prepared to have fewer options when it comes to looking for an apartment in the future.



THE GOOD NEWS IS that there are apartments that will work with renters that have an apartment judgment or a renter that has a collection from an apartment. So, if this is the situation you are in, contact a personalized, free service such as Apartment Finders to alleviate some of the stress of searching. Apartment Finders knows who will work with your situation!!

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