Clogged Septic Tanks

A clogged septic tank or drain is caused by a number of things: An obstruction in the line caused by a buildup of pressure between the object and the inner circumference of the pipe. An example is a diaper stuck in the sewer drain line which should be fixed by a septic pumping. There is simply too much diaper to fit through the line at once!

A failing drainfield can have these characteristics: the grass is greener over the drainfield than the rest of the yard; there are odors in the yard; the plumbing backs up; the ground is wet or mushy over the drainfield. The laterals will probably also have standing water in them.

Call a professional plumbing contractor to fix the blocked septic system. Look into the inlet and the septic tank outlet for blockages caused by solid wastes. Once you find the clog, remove it and try running water through it to see if an easy flow is already possible. Look into the distribution box. A sewerage leak or back-up and blocked sewerage drains are some of the most frustrating, annoying and costly plumbing problems that we are likely to encounter in our homes and business centres. They can cause inconvenience for some time and cause damage to your plumbing infrastructure. They can also cause massive and costly repairs.



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