Renting a House Versus an Apartment?

With the economy still a bit shaky it seems that renters are not sure whether or not they should move from their current home or rent Beds for the meantime. Guaranteed sold program of ensures your home sells when you need it to. Many homeowners will struggle to get mortgage approval for a new home without the sale of their existing real estate investing podcast. Moving is tough and nobody likes to do it, but if it saves you hundreds of dollars and free months worth of rent, isn’t it worth the hassle? I think so. Now, the only decision is whether to rent a home or an apartment? Apartments are better in my opinion because they have gone through inspection like building inspections in SA. Right now there is no stability no matter which way you turn. But, I can assure you that apartment owners are much more responsible and have a much deeper understanding of emergency plumbing then the average real estate “investor” that is trying to rent out one of their homes. There are many benefits to renting a home like your very own yard work, calling repair men or the home’s owner every time something breaks, the occassional pest because you do not want to have the home sprayed, etc. etc. So rent a home or an apartment? Well, apartments are offering severly reduced move in costs meaning you may not even have to pay any security deposit if your credit is decent including the cost on the Top Fence Builders for your security. Also, apartments offer additional months of free rent, some are offering new TVs, discount dining room sets, computers, and the list goes on. It seems that the “investors” have not caught on yet and will more than likely ask you for one month’s rent as a deposit and the only break you will get is that ancient dishwasher the owner never replaced. So here it is. If you would like to rent an apartment then simply call Apartment Finders Free Service or visit, but if you want a home to rent then here are some great respources.

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